Slica™ is a patented accessory used with 1 and 4 litre tins.

Paint as well as varnishes, glues and other similar liquids, often come in lever lid tins.  Users will either access liquid directly from the tin or pour the liquid into another container, such as a roller tray.

Slica includes a pouring section and paint scraper, allowing the continual ability to access liquid in a clean manner and maintain a seal on a lever-lid can. 

 Slica enables liquids to either be accessed directly from the tin, by a brush, or poured from a tin, while preventing paint settling in the channel of the tin and preventing correct refitting of the lid.  This stops the contents of the tin from spoiling and drying out.  Paint from the brush is scraped back into the tin, reducing spillage and wastage.

Slica is reusable, easy to clean, lightweight and robust and can be removed and refitted with minimal effort.

Slica is manufactured in materials which ensures durability and resistance to solvents, oils, paints and other liquids.

Slica is Australian owned and manufactured.